Tuesday, August 16, 2016

Tips guaranteed to help you save big!

Heading Back to School brings enough to worry about, both for parents and students. While your kids are hoping for that certain teacher, classes with their friends, and just the right clothes, you are wondering about finding the best back-to-school deals, saving time and energy, and if you will have the stamina to make it to the finish line. Conveniently located on the border of Utah and Salt Lake counties, Outlets at Traverse Mountain has your sure-fire plan for a Back to School season with More Savings and less stress.

Start with the Basics No matter what their ages and grades, it’s safe to say all students need the basics: shoes, t-shirts, socks, jeans, etc. are at the top of this list. With American Eagle, Gap Outlet, Levis Outlet, H&M, Nike, Under Armour, Vans, Journeys, and a newly-opened ASICS store, Outlets at Traverse Mountain can fit everyone for less. Retailers typically offer two types of incentives, and knowing the ins and outs can help you save big with just a little bit of planning. Buy One Get One 50% off deals and Spend More/Save More are the most common, and are the best way to outfit everyone in one outing. Another trend is bounce back programs, in which you can earn Savings Cash for a later date.

Do Your Homework While online shopping usually leads to sizing problems and endless returns, a little bit of online research before hitting the stores can help you make the most of your shopping excursion. Back to School season brings some of the deepest discounts of the year, and OutletsatTraverseMountain.com is the best place to stay informed. Sales updates are posted daily and are a great tool to plan your shopping strategy. Use retailer websites to “window shop” and to make a wish list with your child. Then you can hit the stores with a savings plan in hand, while minimizing dressing room negotiations.

Be True to Your School Loyalty programs are common with back-to-school brands, and can provide more savings on top of already discounted Outlets at Traverse Mountain prices. Make your first stop our Customer Service desk in the Grand Lobby to get our Premier Discount Card, which provides extra savings throughout the center all year long. Most brands including American Eagle, Banana Republic Factory, Famous Footwear, Loft Outlet, and J. Crew have excellent shopper rewards programs. Tip - create a designated email address just for shopper rewards programs, and you will have them all in one place separate from your primary email.

Know Your Geography Outlets at Traverse Mountain includes many unique features which focus on creating an exceptional shopping experience. Our lodge-like Grand Lobby, Mothers Lounge and upscale public and family restrooms are just some of the amenities sure to make your day. You’ll find children’s brands Gymboree, The Children’s Place, and Osh Kosh B’Gosh all in “Children’s Row” for your shopping convenience. Note that teen favorites GAP Outlet, H&M, J Crew and Tommy Hilfiger all have a large children’s selection. Your teens will also love American Eagle, Converse, Loft Outlet, Quiksilver, Oakley, Pro Image, Maurices and Zumiez, to name a few.

Everybody Needs Recess When you need a breather, at Outlets at Traverse Mountain, we’ve got you covered. Our open-air architecture is the best place to find a bench, regroup, and to enjoy a Rocky Mountain Chocolate Factory ice cream or caramel apple, an Auntie Anne’s Pretzel, or a ZOGO Frozen Yogurt or Dole Pineapple Whip. Or grab a quick and delicious lunch at Johnny Rockets or Best of State winning Bona Vita Italian Bistro. Head to the Grand Lobby for luxury seating, complimentary phone charging, or to check out and play our Larger than Life games for free. And remember, recess isn’t just for the young – when you come in under budget at Outlets at Traverse Mountain you can head to Coach Factory or Michael Kors for Amazing Savings on your own little reward.

Thursday, July 28, 2016

It's time for back-to-school shopping, one of my favorite times of the year! This year, like the past few years, we did all of our back-to-school clothes shopping at the Outlets at Traverse Mountain. The thing I love about the Outlets at Traverse Mountain is that there are so many stores all in one place with so many brands I love. I don't know about your kids but my kids are quite picky about what they wear. It may be because from the time they could respond to us, we have allowed them to choose what to wear. I remember as still babies, I would hold two shirts up in front of my kids and before they could talk, they would point to a shirt and I would put it on them. My daughter cared a lot more than my son but my son, a few years later, has gotten to the point as well, that if he doesn't choose the clothes from the store, more than likely he will never wear the clothes unless he picks them out to begin with. So it's just a rule that if I'm going shopping for clothes for the kids, they always come with me so they will wear the clothes that I buy. Every now and then it's a little overwhelming to me but most of the time, it is a great afternoon out shopping with the kids.
Our first stop was the Gap Factory. We go there often for many of our clothes shopping needs because I love their style and we always find some clearance and non-clearance items that we love. This shopping trip was no exception. We happened to go when there was a 50% off clearance sale plus almost everything else in the store was marked down so we took advantage and stocked up on some essentials for the school year like shoes, jackets, and lots of shirts. Keep in mind that my kids chose all of these clothes and they did an excellent job! I think they're adorable and I love knowing that they will wear them this year.
Next we headed to The Children's Place. We found some shorts there and a shirt. We frequently buy school uniforms there as well. They have rompers, pants, shirts, ties, headbands, skirts, and dresses for uniforms, everything that you would need for an outfit to comply with a private or charter school. We didn't buy any this shopping trip but are planning to go back as we get a little closer to school starting.
We continued on through the mall, stopping by Carter's, Gymboree Outlet, J. Crew Factory, and Nike Factory Store. Stopping by Johnny Rockets for a shake was also a good way to cool down and reward ourselves for all of the hard work and good deal finds during our shopping trip that we experienced.
Another thing I love about the Outlets at Traverse Mountain is their events. This August 6, 2016 from 3:00-5:30 pm, there will be a meet and greet with "Bree" from Disney XD's Lab Rats Elite Force. Some of your favorite Superhero characters will be on hand for photos and autographs and NOW 97.9's DJ Pete will be broadcasting live with prizes and giveaways from 2-4 pm. Find the Outlets at Traverse Mountains' Facebook page for chances to win a VIP Meet and Greet, as well as other opportunities at the Lobby of the Outlets at Traverse Mountain and on NOW 97.9. This event is all for charity. Donations for school supplies for the Nebo School District will be accepted. Basic supplies like pens, pencils, and binders are in high demand in the district. The Outlets at Traverse Mountain will also donate backpacks, clothes, and shoes. Donations from the public can be dropped off at the service kiosk at the Outlets at Traverse Mountain.

Monday, June 27, 2016

The Outlets at Traverse Mountain in Lehi, UT

Last week we were in Utah for Justin's brother's wedding. One thing that fascinates me about Salt Lake/Utah Valley is the amount of shopping it offers! In Eugene, there are like two and a half malls and they don't have the greatest stores... One mall we love to stop by when we are in Utah are the outlets at Traverse Mountain.

One fun little tidbit about me is that I'm actually kind of a cheapskate. I hate paying full price for anything. If I'm shopping around, I am always on the lookout for a discount. We love hitting up Traverse Mountain for many reasons - they have great stores (my favorites are American Eagle and J. Crew, Justin loves Justin loves Vans and Nike), there are restaurants at and near the mall, and of course - the great sales and prices at all the stores!

With the beautiful setting and great stores, it's a wonderful stop whether you're already living in the area or if you're visiting town! I stopped by American Eagle and got myself a pair of jeggings and this cute constellation tee. They had so many cute items - from jewelry to tops to dresses! I also found a pair of sandals that I purchased at the regular American Eagle store for HALF OFF at the outlet!! I wish I would have been patient! ;)

top and jeggings c/o Traverse Mountain

If you're in the area, be sure to stop by The Outlets at Traverse Mountain and get your shop on!

Monday, May 16, 2016

I am officially in my 30s. It's a little strange to say that. My birthday was just last week, and I turned 31 which put me over the edge from just being 30 to really being in my 30s. One of my favorite parts of my birthday is that I get birthday money to buy some new outfits for myself. outlets post It is always so hard for me when people ask what I want for my birthday. My standard answer to give them is that I always love pretty things. I have always been a girlie girl and love jewelry, makeup, clothes etc, and if it is pretty, I will probably love it. Two of my favorite places to go to get jewelry, especially statement necklaces, is JCrew and Loft at the Outlets at Traverse Mountain. They have some of the prettiest necklaces I have ever seen, and they always have an assortment of colors to go with any outfit. (PS, while you are at Loft, you need to check out the sweet deals they have going on right now. It was buy 1 get two free with their camis! I was so excited!) If you are wanting more trendy jewelry, I love shopping at Maurice's or H&M. They always have a huge selection! Necklace My husband let me have the night off on Wednesday, and I decided that I wanted to go shopping at the outlets. It was so nice to leisurely walk to the different stores kid free, getting fresh air, a little bit of exercise, and as a bonus, I watched a beautiful sunset light up the sky. It was exactly the recharge I needed, and I got some seriously cute things as well. I got the cami and necklace from Loft and the jacket from Maurices. traverse mountain Thanks for letting me stop by and chat with you today! I hope you'll come stop by my blog where you can find lots of crafts, recipes, and tutorials, or you can come find me on these social media outlets. Talk to you again soon!

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Monday, May 2, 2016


Meet Jamie Dayley.  Jamie was randomly selected as the winner of our Facebook contest callout, giving our every-day customers and followers the chance to become a fashion blogger and guest post on this blog.  Little did we know, Jamie was already a big fan.  Jamie found some great Nikes on her most current trip, but take a look at this pic below from an earlier shopping trip.  Thank you to Jamie for being one of our #MoreAmazing loyal customers! 

Shirt: Jcrew- Traverse Mountain Outlets
Necklace: Jcrew- Traverse Mountain Outlets
Purse: Coach- Traverse Mountain Outlets
Photographer: Dianaputnamphotography
Instagram: @dianaputnamphotography

With summer just around the corner I was so excited to win the styletude giveaway hosted by the Traverse Mountain Outlets on Facebook.
I wanted to get some new nike shoes to help me achieve my fitness goals for this summer. This giveaway allowed me to start that goal in the right direction. So I thank Traverse Mountain Outlets for giving me the opportunity.
There are many reasons why I absolutely love the Traverse Mountain Outlets. I specifically love Traverse Outlets over all of the other malls and outlet malls because they do so many events that bring my family together. 
My family and I have been to every one of Traverse Mountain events, including some of our favorites, which include Breakfast with Santa, Shopping Extravaganza, and pictures with the Easter bunny.
 I don't know any other mall who cares more about their customers and making them happy than the Traverse Mountain outlets do. More importantly, they create great memories for my family to bond and connect over. 

Wednesday, April 27, 2016

Bridgette Style

Tuesday, April 26, 2016

Finding The Gems at Traverse Mountain Outlets

Lately I have loved finding intricate, well made clothing, with fun embroidery for my closet. Which surprisingly is kind of hard. When I was shopping at the Traverse Mountain Outlets this past week I scored these amazing finds that fit all that criteria! 

I have always had a weakness with outlets. I use to work at Ralph Lauren at Traverse Mountain Outlets. When I wasn't filling my closet with classics from their store, I would find a treasure at another. My favorite thing was to go to each store and find the hidden gem in each one. I love how diverse all their stores are there. I love the classic style of Ralph Lauren, J. Crew and Tommy Hilfiger. When I am wanting a bohemian look I love hitting up American Eagle. H&M is always up on the latest trends. Then of course there are classics like Nike, Banana Republic, Coach, and Gap among MANY others!
Recently I came home with some fun clothes that I picked up at the outlets! I was able to find the perfect spring/summer clothes!

I found THIS amazing thick intricate woven jacket from H&M:

As I was leaving H&M I also spotted this gorgeous embroidered dress and I just had to get it. 

Next time you are in Lehi, Utah check out the Traverse Mountain Outlets!

Thursday, April 14, 2016




Yay for hitting my second trimester this last week and finally feeling good enough to get back to a normal life! Back to actually cleaning my house, doing laundry, and yes, working out!
I had never been sick when I was pregnant with Olivia, so these two kind of rocked my world when I started getting sick right away after finding out I was expecting. I had no idea how miserable morning sickness was and how it can completely knock you down and make you feel like you never want to move again, ha! I can laugh a little about it now, but let's be honest, the struggle is real ladies!! However, at 13 weeks I woke up and it was like it had never happened, so this post is dedicated to getting back into the swing of things! 
I had tried to work out a little here and there during my first tri because I would feel pretty good in the mornings some days, but I am so glad to finally be back to my normal routine! Gotta keep my body, mind and spirit healthy, and for me, that usually comes from getting my workout in for the day! So you can imagine how excited I was to do a little shopping at the Traverse Mountain Outlets here in Lehi, UT because I knew the Nike outlet was there and I could splurge a little and get a few things to keep me comfy throughout my pregnancy workouts! 
I found SO many great things and for such great prices that I was able to justify buying a few things bigger and looser. I snagged a few comfy sports bras (this one in peach is my FAVE!), this cozy pullover sweater, and these incredibly comfy running shoes. I love mixing and matching and finding great deals, so the outlets are a one stop shop for everything from my workout stuff, to hitting H&M for Olivia's clothes, and then hitting the J.Crew Factory to snag a cute dress or flats! 
If you are in Utah, make sure to check out the newer Traverse Mountain Outlets in Lehi! So close and so many great stores!!
Nike Sweater (Similar) // Nike Sports Bra
Nike Leggings (Love THESE) // Nike Shoes
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