Friday, January 8, 2016

Welcome to Style-tude!

We all have that one friend.  The one who pulls off a style that we only wish we could muster the courage to try.  The one who we assume never turns her closet upside down deciding what to wear because she always looks seamless and comfortable.  We might try to copy her once in awhile - usually in the privacy of our own dressing room on solo shopping trips.  Some of these experiences are nothing short of disastrous, but many lead us to a great find - maybe not what she would wear but our own tweaked interpretation.

Guess what?  If we all have that friend we all are that friend.

You are someone's fashion muse.  Yes.  You.

Mine was a good friend who I have lost track of over the years.  We shared a passion for laughing at life's surprises (good and bad), dirty Diet Cokes, and therapeutic shopping trips that transported us for a few hours and made us forget where we parked the car.  She always knew the latest trends, it seemed before they even were trends.  She wore the most daring colors and patterns, the most perfect-fitting jeans, and the sexiest shoes.

Because of her I learned glasses could be sophisticated, heels could be comfortable, and that a great fitting pair of pants could change my world.  But her style also taught me that life doesn't have limits, to be brave and spontaneous, and to never take myself or life too seriously.

The dictionary defines ATTITUDE as a manner, disposition, feeling, position, with regard to a person or thing; tendency or orientation, especially of the mind, and STYLE as a particular kind, sort, or type; a particular, distinctive, or characteristic mode of action or manner of acting.

STYLE-TUDE is about being that friend, and about sharing individual style feelings, trends, attitudes, and tips with each other.  Sponsored by Outlets at Traverse Mountain in Lehi, my posts will feature shopping anecdotes, struggles, solutions, and victories, all while highlighting incredible Outlet value.  Featuring frequent guest posts, STYLE-TUDE is a forum for finding similarities, experiencing new ideas, and maybe even being inspired to try something new.

Because each of us deserves a shopping experience so liberating that we forget where we parked the car.

- Tess


  1. Love this! Can't wait to read more and I'd love to possibly guest post and/or collaborate!

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