Monday, May 2, 2016


Meet Jamie Dayley.  Jamie was randomly selected as the winner of our Facebook contest callout, giving our every-day customers and followers the chance to become a fashion blogger and guest post on this blog.  Little did we know, Jamie was already a big fan.  Jamie found some great Nikes on her most current trip, but take a look at this pic below from an earlier shopping trip.  Thank you to Jamie for being one of our #MoreAmazing loyal customers! 

Shirt: Jcrew- Traverse Mountain Outlets
Necklace: Jcrew- Traverse Mountain Outlets
Purse: Coach- Traverse Mountain Outlets
Photographer: Dianaputnamphotography
Instagram: @dianaputnamphotography

With summer just around the corner I was so excited to win the styletude giveaway hosted by the Traverse Mountain Outlets on Facebook.
I wanted to get some new nike shoes to help me achieve my fitness goals for this summer. This giveaway allowed me to start that goal in the right direction. So I thank Traverse Mountain Outlets for giving me the opportunity.
There are many reasons why I absolutely love the Traverse Mountain Outlets. I specifically love Traverse Outlets over all of the other malls and outlet malls because they do so many events that bring my family together. 
My family and I have been to every one of Traverse Mountain events, including some of our favorites, which include Breakfast with Santa, Shopping Extravaganza, and pictures with the Easter bunny.
 I don't know any other mall who cares more about their customers and making them happy than the Traverse Mountain outlets do. More importantly, they create great memories for my family to bond and connect over. 

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