Monday, May 16, 2016

I am officially in my 30s. It's a little strange to say that. My birthday was just last week, and I turned 31 which put me over the edge from just being 30 to really being in my 30s. One of my favorite parts of my birthday is that I get birthday money to buy some new outfits for myself. outlets post It is always so hard for me when people ask what I want for my birthday. My standard answer to give them is that I always love pretty things. I have always been a girlie girl and love jewelry, makeup, clothes etc, and if it is pretty, I will probably love it. Two of my favorite places to go to get jewelry, especially statement necklaces, is JCrew and Loft at the Outlets at Traverse Mountain. They have some of the prettiest necklaces I have ever seen, and they always have an assortment of colors to go with any outfit. (PS, while you are at Loft, you need to check out the sweet deals they have going on right now. It was buy 1 get two free with their camis! I was so excited!) If you are wanting more trendy jewelry, I love shopping at Maurice's or H&M. They always have a huge selection! Necklace My husband let me have the night off on Wednesday, and I decided that I wanted to go shopping at the outlets. It was so nice to leisurely walk to the different stores kid free, getting fresh air, a little bit of exercise, and as a bonus, I watched a beautiful sunset light up the sky. It was exactly the recharge I needed, and I got some seriously cute things as well. I got the cami and necklace from Loft and the jacket from Maurices. traverse mountain Thanks for letting me stop by and chat with you today! I hope you'll come stop by my blog where you can find lots of crafts, recipes, and tutorials, or you can come find me on these social media outlets. Talk to you again soon!

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