Wednesday, May 10, 2017

3 Deserving Moms with a Makeover

A couple weeks ago, the Outlets at Traverse Mountain and Amara Day Spa hosted a call out for a Mother's Day makeover. They received over 125 entries in the four day contest period. Alicia Richmond, with the Outlets at Traverse Mountain talked about the winners, their outfits. Taylor Bink from Amara Day Spa had his team do the winner's hair and makeup. 
Of all the entries, three women were chosen: Magdalena Ledezma, Nicole Brestel, and Peggy Stallings. 
Magdalena Ledezma was nominated by her son Enos. He writes, "she recently cut her important trip to Mexico short so she could take care of me post surgery while my wife was at work. She didn't hesitate. She's always helping her adult children and her grandchildren. She is the mother of seven children, and each Mother's Day I taker her out on a little date and usually get her a blouse or an item of clothing as a gift. This year it would bring our little tradition up a big notch to a very deserving and lovely mom." 
Nicole Brestel was nominated by her husband. He writes, "This mom is also my wife and the most caring person I have ever met! She works a full time job not only at home, but as an early learning educator to over 120 other children. She always puts others before herself including her kids and often does not have time to shop or pamper herself. When she does [go out] she comes back with things for the kids instead of herself. She deserves this! 
Peggy Stallings was nominated by her child who writes, "She always puts others needs before her own. She works hard everyday to help provide for her and my dad. When we were growing up she held daycare in our home to help provide. She also went to night school to earn a degree so that she could get a better job. My mom has always been a wonderful example of how to work hard. I would love someone to help my mom find her own 'special style.' If anyone deserves to be pampered it's my wonderful mother." 
Each of the three winners received an outfit from the Outlets at Traverse Mountain, as well as a hair appointment and makeup session from Amara Day Spa.
For Mother's Day, the Outlets at Traverse Mountain is providing a special gift for mothers everywhere. For every $150 spent in same day receipts, your mom will receive a beautiful FREE tea bag holder from Le Creuset. 

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